Frequently Ask Questions

What Service Do MHR Offers?

You will get editing, writing and proofreading services from MHR Writer. These are including essay writing, assignment writing, project reports, lab reports, business proposals, marketing plans, research paper writing, thesis writing, research proposals, dissertation writing, reflection reports, book review, biography, case studies, resume writing, portfolios, software work and many more.

For which educational level do you provide writing services?

We offer research and writing services for the students of all educational levels. We are specialized in providing assignment writing service to the students of higher educational levels.

What time do you require to complete the paper?

It depends on the deadline you request us while ordering your paper. It’s our responsibility to complete your writing papers before the requested timeline.

Do you offer the same rates for all deadlines?

No, our service fee s vary according to the deadline. For short term deadlines, our rates are slightly higher.

How do you manage short term deadlines?

We have a team of writers who are efficient to provide custom writing services even with short term deadlines. We assure you that quality will be best for every type of requested deadlines.

How can I get connected with you to ask for information?

You can contact us with any of our communications resources. Our customer support team is active 24/7 to provide complete guidance to students querying anything from us. 

How can I place the order?

You can simply place the order by visiting MHRWriter.com/order. There you will get an order form which you are required to fill accurately.

What is the guarantee of your services?

We offer lots of guarantees to students. You can contact us via live chat to ask for more details.

How can choose the standard of my paper?

You can select the standard of your paper during order placement. Service fee varies according to the standards.

How can I pay for my paper?

You can pay through PayPal and credit card. For further instructions please contact our live chat correspondent.

Is it safe for me to pay online?

Yes, our payment system is secured, you can trust it. We never compromise on the security of or payment system.

What are your criteria to deliver the order?

We simply complete the process of writing your papers before the requested deadline and send it to your provided email address. You can simply download from your mail account.

What should I do if I do not receive my paper on time?

As we are guaranteed to deliver your paper on time so, simply you can ask us to refund your amount. In case of any technical issue, we will inform you but if you have provided incomplete information then we will not take responsibility for late delivery.

If I require a review for my paper?

No issues, you can ask us to review your paper for unlimited times. You are required to submit us correct information during order placement. If you have done anything wrong in order form then you will have to pay for the revision of your paper.

If I cancel the order?

You cannot cancel the order if the writer has started the writing process. The company holds the right to cancel the order if you have misguided us via an order form.

Can I ask to refund my amount?

Yes, in case we fail to deliver you promised quality for your paper then you can ask us for the refund.