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Marketing Plan for Cadbury Task 2

New Products - Brief Description of the Brand

This marketing plan is designed for Cadbury Dairy Milk‘A glass and a half of milk in every half pound bar of chocolate’ the famous brand of the Cadbury Plc. Over many years, Cadbury Dairy Milk has been the market leader in the global chocolate category including Turkey. Cadbury Dairy Milk, however, has been introduced in the previous century the company keeps renewing its brand image through intense marketing strategy. Cadbury Dairy Milk, along with different fruits and nuts, crackle and roast almond offers the classical taste of the brand. It also offers a variety of ingredients and very popular among number of children, youngsters and adults. Over years, the brand has been associated with happiness and moments of joy celebration. Professional assignment writing help online.

Marketing Objectives

In order to launch the marketing campaign for the existing brand of the Cadbury, the following marketing objectives are formulated through which the marketing strategy of Cadbury Dairy Milk will be developed. The marketing objectives are formulated based on the SMART and carry specific, measureable, achievable, and realistic and timeline. Following marketing objectives have been formulated for Cadbury Dairy Milk for the next one year. 

  1. To increase sales of Cadbury Dairy Milk in Turkey
  2. To regain the market share in Turkey
  3. To grow the shareholder value over long terms
The first marketing objective for this marketing plan for the Cadbury Dairy Milk in Turkey is to increase the sales of the Cadbury Dairy Milk through reaching the target market of the product. While the regaining of Turkey market will be achieved through increasing the sale of the products in the local market of Turkey. The latter marketing objective is to grow the shareholder value over long terms by increasing the total sale of the products and improving the market share for the product. 

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