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Importance of Grammar Errors in Writing

Grammar errors in writing can cause any audience to question the writer's credibility because poor and wrong use of grammar or language does not only create misunderstanding about message or idea expressed, but also indicates uncertainty in the writing caused by grammar errors. Inappropriate use of language can also cause grammar errors, which surely interrupt the flow of writing and hurdle in conveying the message of writer (Fawcett, 2011). Since grammar is deemed as key to any language, which is important for communication, therefore, writers with lack of proficiency in expressing themselves with correct use of language can have bad impression on the mind of readers concerning grip on the subject and command over language skills. Considering the significant importance of correct use of grammar in writing, I totally agree that errors in writing can cause any audience to question the writer’s credibility, as readers do not consider such writing piece as reliable source. Get term paper writing service.


I mostly confront with the need of writing in three different situations, at first when I have to answer mail to family member, friend and relative, while in most formal way, I do often write my assignment or other research paper at academic level to be submitted to professors. In addition, I also write a column in local newspaper, which mainly aims to be written for youth specifically, while identifying the problems faced by youth today. Thus, the audiences of my writing are usually family member, friends, relative, my college professors and all those youngsters, who read my column in the local newspaper.

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